Stretch Forming

Why Total Metal Products?

Total Metal Products (TMP) are a sector leading machine design and tool making company which designs, manufactures, commissions and services high quality stretch forming tooling systems.

Stretch Forming Techniques

Our stretch forming solutions are designed to operate standalone or integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing process operations.

TMP’s dedicated in-house design team, project management and production engineers work collaboratively to provide you with the optimum stretch forming solution, which meets your specification and the requirements of your business; on time and on budget.

TMP recognises that stretch forming techniques and materials are constantly evolving. Our knowledgeable, experienced and industry aware team are continually adapting our designs to provide innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Our leading-edge modern stretch forming solutions utilise CNC servo axis motion controllers to ensure accurate / repeatable control of the process; this has the added benefit of being quicker to tune to the desired shape and potentially have different stretch profiles for varying materials i.e., aluminium extrusions which may vary in age hardness.

Our solutions produce components with a greater level of quality and complexity, utilising new material technologies, reducing cycle time and waste, which increases your process efficiency and cost effectiveness.

    Consultation Services

    Are you looking to:

    • improve your production line efficiency;
    • reduce material wastage;
    • reduce your production line downtime;
    • reduce the number of manual touch points;
    • decrease the end-to-end process time;
    • decrease process setup time;
    • implementing process automation/robotics

    TMP’s team can assist your business.


    Save Time & Money with turnkey automation solutions from TMP.

    From consultation to implementation, the Total Metal Products team delivers end-to-end solutions ensuring smooth operations from start to finish.

    TMP work with top brands across many sectors including automotive, architectural and medical equipment, solving complex manufacturing challenges through automation, and assisting our customers produce high quality products with increased productivity and profitability.

    If you would like to find out how we can support your manufacturing requirements and help your organisation become more productive – simply call your regional office on +44 1594 543222, +1 800 690 1027 or +90 532 564 2946; alternatively, just fill out the “Contact Us”.


    From proof of design or concept to minimising manufacturing costs, TMP’s prototyping service saves you Time & Money.

    Our prototyping service enables shortened time to production, consistency between prototyped and production parts and for low volume part requirements, a cost-effective supply solution.

    Whether you are looking for prototypes, part samples, pre- and intermediate series, proof of concept, small to mid-size production batches, process or material validation TMP has a solution.

    We can help you reduce total project cost by providing you with a cost-effective solution.

    Our prototyping services help you significantly reduce the timeline and aids your transition from the design phase to the production phase.

    We are able to provide you with an “under one roof” service encompassing design, project management, toolmaking and production teams, where changes to design specification, material requirement, manufacturing process etc. can rapidly and cost-effectively be managed.

    Stretch Forming Manufacturing

    TMP also provides a solution for your prototype, low volume or end-of-life stretch forming manufacturing requirements via our group partner company TMP Manufacturing.


    TMP Manufacturing are able to provide for your low volume requirements, production to schedule, management of your raw material supply chain, finished product storage and onward delivery to your customer.

    TMP Services

    TMP provides the following range of services and solutions.

    If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    What is Stretch Forming?

    When a material is simultaneously stretched and bent to produce a curved form this is what is referred to as “Stretch Forming”.

    The raw material or blank, which can be metal sheet, rolled section or extrusion, is bent around a former, known as a form die or tool, which forms the required component whether it has a single or multiple curved radii.

    The section is gripped at either end and then bent around the former with stretch controlled with either mechanical cams or servo-controlled axis.

    Stretch Forming produces a final part with better shape control and an improved surface quality, which does not require additional finishing or polishing and which is perfectly curved, is produced with reduced cost and less waste.

    Stretch Forming is used across many industries including automotive, transportation, and architectural.

    TMP can produce a broad range of toolmaking solutions.

    We have extensive experience in:

    • Stretch Bending
    • Roll Forming
    • Welding Jigs
    • Assembly Jigs
    • Metal Punching
    • Sheet Metal Piercing
    • Toolmaking Design
    • Toolmaking
    • Tool Room Services
    • Contract Manufacture

    Supporting the world’s biggest brands

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    New Capabilities

    TMP expands our CNC High Speed milling and turning capacity with the addition of a Haas UMC 750 5-Axis and Mazak QT250MY turning centre. Further investment in our toolroom, build room and design centre are planned for 2023.

    The Future at TMP

    At TMP we continually reinvest in the business. TMP launches operations in North America and Turkey. TMP reduces its environmental impact by installing a 66 kWp solar farm.


    Implementing a suite of internationally recognised accreditations in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety management, demonstrates our commitment to continually improve our working methods and working environment.

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      TMP Manufacturing

      Specialising in prototype, low volume, end-of-life component manufacture and supply chain management